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Big data, big opportunities?

Big data, big opportunities?

KEYNOTE: Lauren Sager Weinstein, Chief Data Officer (Transport for London) – Delivering Better Transport with Data

Using big data to understand your visitors, other people’s visitors and non-visitors

From the Our Lives in Data exhibition at the Science Museum:

*Sheldon’s presentation focuses on the interpretation approach to the temporary exhibition.  Visitors’ responses to the approach were then presented by Terry Watkins (see other presentation).

Caroline Bates and Mark Hirst (Chime Insight and Engagement Group) – Using the Babel Fish

Johnny Caldwell (Netquest UK) – Beyond the walls of the museum, what other big data is out there and how can we learn from it?

Technology and big data – how technology can be harnessed to gain visitor insights

KEYNOTE: Angie Judge, Chief Executive (Dexibit) – ‘Does my data look big in this?

Dr Michelle Goddard (Market Research Society) – Big data and GDPR (contact for more information)

Catherine Murphy (Natural History Museum) and Casey Scott-Songin (National Gallery) – Big Data Inside the Museum 

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