The Visitor Studies Group: Championing excellent visitor experiences

Conference 2016

Conference 2016

March 16-18th 2016, Royal Geographical Society, London.

The theme for the 2016 conference is “Visitor Studies: It’s what you do with it!”


PROGRAMME (Download pdf)


How can visitor studies have real impact? How does visitor research influence decisions and contribute to effective change?  How can we raise awareness of visitors studies and ensure that it has the profile it so rightly deserves? These are questions that we in the VSG Committee are often asked. We have touched on these issues in previous Conferences:  whether it was about understanding the relationships with stakeholders (2014) or understanding how visitor studies can embrace the changes surrounding us (2015). One of the key conclusions from both Conferences was that we need to become better at turning study outcomes into action and communication is an important part of that.

We want the 2016 Conference to explore how to communicate research and evaluation findings internally and externally so that they lead to change, have real impact and lift the profile of visitor studies.