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The Visitor Studies Group: Championing excellent visitor experiences


Arts & Metrics 

Arts & metrics features research content and a blog about audience research and evaluation in the culture sector, especially in relation to digital.


Australian Museum Audience Research Centre (AMARC), Australia 

The AMARC undertakes a broad range of visitor research and evaluation projects. Their website provides a wide range of evaluation and audience research resources.


British Educational Research Association (BERA), UK
The aim of the BERA is to sustain and promote a vital research culture in education.


An initiative of the Cultural Institute at King’s College London, ‘CultureCase’ aims to further embed academic research into the cultural sector by providing a practical tool to support arts organisations in decision-making, and resources to help them build a case for investment.


Dana Centre (London, UK) – science dialogue event evaluation 
The Dana Centre is the Science Museum’s venue for science dialogue events. This section of the website includes evaluation of science dialogue as well as models for successful events.


European Evaluation Society (EES)
The EES aims to promote theory, practice and utilisation of high quality evaluation especially, but not exclusively, within European countries.


Exploratorium Visitor Research and Evaluation Department, USA
The Exploratorium is an interactive Science Centre located in San Francisco. Their website provides a range of research reports and publications.


Informalscience is a resource for informal learning. It aims to promote the field of informal learning in science. This website has a wide range of relevant research and evaluation reports.


My primary school is at the museum
My primary school is at the museum is a project which was developed by the Cultural Institute at King’s College London against a backdrop of threatened museum services, a shortage of school places, and ever growing evidence to support the range of benefits of learning in cultural environments and through collections.


National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement
The NCCPE seeks to support a culture change in universities. Their vision is of a higher education sector making a vital, strategic and valued contribution to 21st-century society through its public engagement activity. This page of their site deals with evaluation of public engagement activities.


Natural History Museum, London, UK 
The Natural History Museum website has a section dedicated to Visitor Research. It offers information about methods and a wide range of evaluation reports; exhibition evaluation as well as evaluation of learning programmes.


Relating Research to Practice
Relating Research to Practice in Informal Learning Environments is a website containing synopses of current peer-reviewed research relevant to informal science education (ISE) as well as downloadable synthesis papers addressing hot topics in ISE.


Research Centre for Museums and Galleries (RCMG), UK
The RCMG was established in 1999 in response to the growing need for research and evaluation within the sector, in particular around the relationship between museums, galleries and their audiences. It is is based within the University of Leicester’s Museum Department of Museum Studies.


The V&A, London, UK
A wide range of visitor research reports can be accessed on the V&A website. These include research conducted for specific galleries, as well as research into the wants and needs of different visitor groups. The V&A website also has an introduction to visitor research and a related reading list.


Visitor Studies Association (VSA), USA
The VSA is a US based group of practitioners and academics who share a passion for improving the quality of visitor experiences through audiences research and evaluation.