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Conference 2018


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The full programme is available for download here: VSG Conference 2018 Programme.

In visitor studies, we are constantly striving to respond to an ever-changing socio-political landscape. We are frequently tasked with helping our organisations understand and support evidence-informed decision making, in response to these often complex areas. As populations and communities change, and as societal, technological and financial goalposts shift, how do we begin to respond to these changes- and challenges- in the work that we do?

Building on discussions explored in previous conferences, the 2018 Visitor Studies Group Conference seeks to explore what can be gained by looking beyond our own primary research, and in some cases even the walls of our institutions, by examining and interrogating big data. We’ll be hearing from a variety of speakers, from inside and outside the cultural heritage sector, who will reflect on their own experiences, and share top tips and lessons learnt.

Our keynote speakers, Angie Judge (Chief Executive, Dexibit) and Lauren Sager Weinstein (Chief Data Officer, Transport for London) will share perspectives from the cultural and commercial sector. Practitioners and researchers from the British MuseumCambridge City Council and the University of Cambridge Museums, the University of Oslo, the Museum of Science Boston, the Market Research Society and more, will continue to develop the conversation throughout both days,

Join us in tackling questions including: what role does big data play in helping us to interpret, understand and respond to our visitors and the world around us? What opportunities for knowledge exchange and collaboration have been- and are presently being- utilised through access to large scale statistics? And what practical frameworks have been tried and tested, and how can visitor studies practitioners use them to demonstrate the successes, implications and challenges of identifying and understanding the needs of visitors?

Join in the conversation at our conference.


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