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Speakers Announced: VSG Conference 2015

Speakers Announced!
Visitor Studies Group Conference – Visitor Studies: Embracing change?

March 4 and 5 2015, London

We are excited to announce the speakers attending our VSG Conference 2015! They will provide invaluable insight into our theme “Visitor Studies: Embracing Change?”.

Who better to start off our first day but with a keynote from Piotr Bienkowski. With interests in change management, cultural change within organisations and his work with the Paul Hamlyn Foundation special initiative Our Museum, Piotr will provide us with food for thought on how we in visitor studies can successfully embrace change.
We are delighted Piotr can join us.

Our stimulating programme also includes case studies, interactive workshops, discussion and debate from the Science Museum, Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, The John Rylands Library, City University London, Kings College London, Natural History Museum, Ludwigsburg University, University of Strathclyde and University College London.

Download FULL PROGRAMME HERE: VSG Conference 2015 Programme 090215

Our speakers come from the UK and Europe and include visitor studies practitioners in museum settings, independent consultants, academics and funders all with a view on to what extent they and their organisations are embracing change. Addressing key trends and issues for 2015 and beyond, and with time for discussion and networking, it’s an event not to be missed.

The VSG conference

The annual VSG conference is a two-day event which aims to provoke and stimulate debate on key issues affecting our members. Each year it brings together delegates from across the country working in a wide range of cultural organisations (including museums, zoos, botanical gardens, libraries, galleries, universities and visitor attractions as well as freelancers) and in a range of positions (including audience research, evaluation, audience development, visitor studies, learning, education, community engagement and others).
Inspirational keynote speakers at the beginning of each day set the tone, members share skills and experiences through case studies and in a variety of interactive session formats. There is ample opportunity for networking and to gain insight into, and influence, the work of the VSG Committee.

The conference theme

The theme of the 2015 VSG Conference will be Visitor Studies: Embracing change?
Society is changing. Technology is advancing. Visitors are changing. Ways to engage with culture are changing. Funders’ expectations are changing. As Bob Dylan once said: “The times they are a’ changing.”
How are we in visitor studies embracing these changes? How is the discipline adapting and evolving? Where do we as practitioners need to reevaluate our working practices, and how do we strike that balance of preserving our current approaches whilst responding to new research techniques and methodologies? More importantly, how are we measuring the impact of these changes, and how can visitor studies ensure that it stays relevant and influences the work of colleagues, leaders, funders and other decision makers?

As ever, our Conference will bring the community together to hear about best practice, to encourage skill sharing  and provide the opportunity to meet others working in the sector.

So whether you are embracing, grappling or questioning these changes, share your experiences and challenges with the visitor studies community at the 2015 Visitor Studies conference.

Each day will commence with a keynote speaker and the Programme, soon to be fully announced,  is packed with case studies, interactive workshops and panel discussions. Book your place now.

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